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Feature 2: Culture Watch

Join Pierre Wilson (Director of BLEXIT Programming at Turning Point USA) as he dissects the culture wars taking place in America today.

For years now, the United States has been plagued by left-wing idealogues who have infiltrated schools, media, and more. These radical leftists have been attempting to change the very fabric of America by relentlessly forcing their cultural agenda on unsuspecting Americans.

Pierre Wilson's experience as a former liberal and now conservative activist have given him insights into both sides of the culture wars.

Culture Watch seeks to expose the harmful influences of the left and keep American's informed about the latest cultural attacks.

Feature 3: State of the Economy

Jesse Hagy details current economic conditions and what they mean for your financial future.

Uncertainty is a central characteristic of the current US economy. Weak fiscal policy and rampant government spending have created a dangerous environment in which fear and greed come and go like the ocean tides.

Ignorant foreign policy from the Biden administration means markets might tank without warning. Weak US leadership has seen a war in Europe start, countries move away from the US financial system in favor of the Chinese Yuan, and has placed domestic gas prices in the hands of OPEC.

Keep up with The Digital Patriot's "State of the Economy" to ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest economic affairs.

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